NEW! Stealth-Core & Stealth-Cote Artifact-Free Positioning Sponges (Watch the Short Video!)

Eljay now carries Techno-Aide's NEW revolutionary design, which ELIMINATES ghosting and line artifacts!

Quoted from the manufacturer:

"For years, Radiology Technologists have faced the difficult task of using positioning sponges to position their patients correctly just to see sponge line and ghosting artifacts on their x-ray image. Especially from the coated sponges. With the Stealth Core and Stealth Cote sponges, however, those days are history as Technologists can now avoid unnecessary repeat imaging and experience greater clarity, accuracy and efficiency in their work.

The Techno-Aide Stealth Core and Stealth Cote sponges are revolutionizing both the X-ray process itself and the job of the Technologist, pushing the bounds of what was previously thought possible and ushering in a new era of imaging that benefits patients, Technologists and the broader medical community."

Aug 5th 2020

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