Techno-Aide's one-of-a-kind sizing tool helps you get the right fit. Whether you need a full-length front apron, a full front & back apron, or half apron vests or skirts, this unisex sizing tool quickly and accurately shows you the right size you need for virtually every Techno-aide protective garment! 

No more messing with complicated measuring tapes or inaccurate digital software. Techno-Aide's FREE apron sizing tool measures right the first time, every time!

The simple and easy to use universal drape-over design and pre-sized measuring belt accurately measure virtually any body type in seconds. The two-sided drape and universal measuring belt offer clearly marked measurement lines on both sides for easy and accurate reference. Straightforward and easy to learn, our proprietary measuring tool makes apron fitting simple and effortless!


- One solution to designed to fit virtually any Techno-Aide garment!

- Quick and easy to learn, this tool provides accurate sizing every time!

- Grab 'n go design for use anywhere and anytime!

- Order your FREE tool today and measure your entire staff in minutes!