Let's be honest here: most young children aren't going to be as happy-faced as our little friend in the picture on this site when they're crammed naked inside of a plastic tube. Would you?

We also know that the Pigg-O-Stat might be a little weird (read: scary) looking to a young child, making it harder for the technologist to do his or her job (not that children aren't squirmy enough without being scared to death!).

Some techs out there tend to think of devices such as the Pigg-O-Stat as a last resort to getting say, a good chest x-ray, and some of our young friends can be completely un-cooperative at times (just ask the child's parents and I'm sure they'll agree).

However, the Pigg-O-Stat SHOULD rank higher on the list of resorts used to obtain good images as excessive radiation isn't great for anyone, let alone growing children.

Thus, below you will find some tips to make the tech's and the child's life EASIER when it comes to getting great images with the Pigg-O-Stat

  • Make sure all your equipment is prepared and set up before the child arrives to the room. With proper preparation, you can have them in and out in no time flat.
  • Children that are really young or really freaked out by equipment are often less of a hassle when their parents are present (some parents will ask or insist on being there anyway). Keep an extra lead apron handy for them so they can "help." Take extra precaution for pregnant women in this regard.
  • Before you let the parent in, talk to them about the techniques and requirements of the procedure. Not only will they be more of an asset once they're back there with you, but the procedure will finish quicker, leaving you, the parent, and the child much happier.
  • Most Pigg-O-Stats come with different sized adjustable flanks. Take a look at your patient before bringing them into the room to estimate the right size.
  • The larger the breath the child takes in, the better the diagnostic quality of the x-ray image. If they don't already have a reason to cry, give them one (just kidding!). However, it could be encouraged or at least faked by the child if you kindly explain that it will make mommy happy and/or get this procedure over with quicker.
Aug 5th 2020

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