Tame-Em Immobilizer - Large



Same thing as the classic Tame-Em, only larger for bigger cassettes!

The low price of the unit makes it practical for facilities that only x-ray one child a week. It will quickly pay for itself by reducing procedure time and keeping retakes to a minimum. The unit consists of a molded fiberglass base and two different size restraining boards which may be used with or without base. The base includes stainless steel thumb screws for attaching the boards and slot to hold a cassette.


Comes With:

  • Enlarged blue base with four stainless steel thumb screws
  • Large Restraining Board (LRB-38) with a set of nine white 1 ½” wide hook and loop straps: one 36 inch strap;  two 18 inch straps; and six 14 inch straps
  • Medium Restraining Board (LRB-34) with a set of six  blue 1” wide hook and loop straps: two 26 inch straps and for 10 inch straps
  • Instructions for use

Weight: 21 lbs.

Extra sets of velcro straps (and other parts) are available since it may be necessary to wash the straps from time to time.

The new, larger Tame-Em child immobilizer was designed by a technician with over fifteen years experience x-raying children. It is a fast safe and simple method of immobilizing infants and children up to five years of age.

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